Gecko 2

This freeform Southwest style gecko is an 8" by 13" ceramic art tile.  The colors of blue, red, and yellow on a black and white background are featured in this piece which was fired in a low-fire kiln using the western raku firing technique.  

Shipping is included.


This piece is hand-made and personally signed making it a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.

It is entirely ceramic and weighs approximately 2 pounds and comes with a separate sawtooth hanger that can be affixed to the back for hanging or it can be inserted into a frame for display. It can also be displayed on a desk, table or shelf using a picture frame stand. However, please note, this sale does not include either a frame or a stand.

The western Raku firing technique involves removing the hot piece from the kiln when it reaches approximately 1850 degrees and placing it in a reduction container with various flammable materials. After the hot ceramic ignites the materials a lid is placed on the container and the fire’s oxygen source is cut off resulting in one-of-kind reactions by the various glazes and a smoking effect on any unglazed portions of the piece.  After all this the piece is washed and sometimes treated with a black ink wash.  I often use a wax and/or tape resist method for applying design details and a combination of special raku and traditional low-fire glazes in my work.

Raku is a rough and tumble method of firing.  Each piece that comes through the process is a survivor, having been subjected to extreme rapid temperature changes as well as the smoke and fire of the reduction bin, it has developed its own singular character and uniqueness. Any marks, cracks or other “imperfections” that have developed are considered to only add to the individualism of the piece and the story it tells.

Please review the pictures and ask any questions you my have about this piece, I'd love to answer them.

Thanks for your interest and please be sure to take a look at the other items available in my shop - WildFireMudWorks.  

If you'd like to learn more about my work along with up coming shows and sales, please visit my website at WildFireMudWorks.ART.


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