"Aklark Watching" - Raku Fired Ceramic Wall Art - Brown Bear - Nature Inspired - Multi-Dimensional - Handmade Original Wildlife Art

Aklark is the Inuit name for brown bear and this brown bear rising out of the water is watching to see who's interrupting his fishing. The four piece ceramic art work is approximately 24” by 26”. Each piece was fired in a low-fire kiln using the western raku firing technique.


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This work is hand-made and personally signed making it a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.

It is entirely ceramic and weighs approximately 15 pounds and comes with a sawtooth hanger attached to each tile. A template is included for properly hanging the art work.

The western Raku firing technique involves removing the hot piece from the kiln when it reaches approximately 1850 degrees and placing it in a reduction container with various flammable materials. After the hot ceramic ignites the materials a lid is placed on the container and the fire’s oxygen source is cut off resulting in one-of-kind reactions by the various glazes and a smoking effect on any unglazed portions of the piece. After all this the piece is washed and sometimes treated with a black ink wash. I often use a wax and/or tape resist method for applying design details and a combination of special raku and traditional low-fire glazes in my work.


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